Welcome my dear viewers :) This website contains my most recent music arrangements that I've been doing in the past months, in which I have the heart, the interest and the enthusiasm to do the arrangements when I am still in my childhood days, which started from playing the piano.

When I am still in my elementary days, my mom used to tell me that when I am emotionally down or I am sad, sit in front of my piano and play my emotions thru the music I play. Currently, I don't have my piano, so instead of sitting up in my piano, I sit up in front of my computer, play thru the notes that I write, some trial and error in instrument sound blending and make-up an arrangement!

The Arrangement Method

For those who are curious on how did I arrived/do on my arrangements, well here is some info..

Step 1 : I write the notes of piece on a midi notation software, particularly Cakewalk Pro. You may need some music background for this since you are writing on the piece, note by note, filling up voice blending, accidentals, dynamics etc. This is the step that usually takes a lot of time.

Step 2 : If you have no soundcard installed in your computer, you may have to feed the midi into a Midi to Soundfont player. You may have to export each midi channel to mp3 for more easier editing in the final stage.

Step 3 : This is the final and cruicial step. This is the final editing of the song, combining all the channels into one single audio. This is also the stage where you are going do some tricks on each channel like doing some reverbs, echoes etc. This is also where final mixing of the song takes place. After this, music is ready!

My Musical Dreams

Well, I guess all musicians have their own dreams in the pieces they are doing, and of course, that does not exclude me! :) My ultimate dream in the musical scores I've been doing... To let me hear my scores being played using true instruments (and not computer generated anymore). And another is to record one of my pieces with my special someone singing the melody of the score, in short, the Vocal line :)

I guess this is too much for now, enjoy listening and feel free to comment! :) Thanks for visiting and for the time reading here...

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